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Food & Drink News ~ The search is on for the best sardines in Málaga

Written By The Malaga Food Guide on Monday, 29 May 2017 | 16:50

There are many things associated with the Costa del Sol, but one of them has to be it´s
 chiringuitos which serve the wonderful sardines cooked over the aromatic olive wood and enjoyed with a glass of tinto de verano.

This year is the first year for the Ruta del espeto competition, which takes place from the 26th May to 11th June. The aim of the contest is to find the best sardines espeto (sardines on skewers) in Málaga province. Over a 100 chiringutos and restaurants along the coast are taking part. The event has been organised by Diario SUR in colaboration with La Casera, famous for it´s ready made tinto de verano. Each participant will serve sardines espeto, which range from €4 to €7 along with a complementary glass of La Casera tinto de verano.  Diners can then rate the restaurants from one to 10 on the Ruta del espeto website between 26 May and 11 June. Their entry automatically  puts them into raffle which offers a three-day romantic holiday as its prize.

There will also be Professional food critics who will judge the restaurants based on the quality of their barbecues and, of course, the flavour of their sardines.

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